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build me a shiny new machine

that runs on lies and gasoline

last call for happiness
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This community features my story for NaNoWriMo '07. The community is friends-only, so that only members can view what I write.

Comments and critiques welcome.

Plagiarism will result in the systematic and complete anhilation of your corporeal form.

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After fighting to end a pointless war, eight young mercenaries struggle to find their way home.


Chapter One - Into the Ruins - Part One, Part Two
Chapter Two - Blood and Architecture
Chapter Three - Bleach, Gasoline, and a Picture of You
Chapter Four - Four Reasons You Should Never Go Blind
Chapter Five - Forgive These Sinful Creatures

Original Character Claimer
For a full list, go here.
Those characters belong to me. Do not use without permission. And even if I give you permission, make sure you give me credit. Copyright Kath Rieth 2000-2005. All rights reserved.

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yesthatnagia is my regular journal.
escalator2heavn is my orig!fic journal.
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givethevirgin is my icon journal.,
"no comment", 50000 words, august 21 1994, broken ribs, burning the palace, cait sith, cats, chang cho lin, chang sho tzu, chekhov, cleaning toilets, cloud strife, college workstudy, conspiracies, da chao, daily redefining awesome, denzel, doko staniv, dracula, edge, engagement rings, ff7, ffvii, final fantasy vii, fingerpainting, glowing moogle clocks, godo, godo kisaragi, gorky, higashi chekhov, higashi gorky, jumping of da chao, kisaragi cho, kisaragi yuffie, leviathan, makimachi aoshi, marlene wallace, materia, materia beading, midgar, moogles, nanowrimo, nibelheim state u., ninjutsu, reeve, reeve touesti, rocket town state u., shake, shinra, shoot-to-kill, shu mao li, shu tsen li, staniv, the five mighty gods, the pagoda, the shinra-wutai war, tifa lockheart, tifa's dad, vincent, vincent valentine, wishes, writing, wro, wutai, wutai's economic security, wutaian immigrants, yagiyu shake, yuffentine, yuffie, yuraku